About the Owner

About Good Karma Dog Care

Good Karma Dog Care offers a fun, safe, and loving environment for dogs while you're away. a place where your pets come to be treated like family! Health, safety, comfort and cleanliness are part of everything we do here. We make leaving your pet easier by giving you peace of mind that your pet is in a loving, compassionate and experienced environment.

Good Karma Dog Care serves dog owners in Sonoma County, Marin County and Napa County in California. Our business accommodates dogs of all sizes, breeds, ages, and special needs. Our services are tailored to dogs and the people who love them.

At Good Karma our goal is to shower your dog in love by giving them our undivided attention and plenty of exercise and play while you're away by providing convenience to dogs and their owners by personally coordinating reliable, and loving care.

Our clients can travel, work or leave their homes for whatever reason, guilt-free because they know that their pets are in the best possible hands. Your dog will  receive top-notch care as a result they’re going to be relaxed, comfortable, well exercised, and doted upon.

We offer a wide variety of services to fit your needs. together we will tailor your own pet care plan. We offer an estimate of all charges before our registration meeting.

You will come home to a happy, well exercised, and relaxed dog

I've grown up with dogs being apart of my family all my life so I understand the importance of finding the perfect sitter for your furry friend. I am able to provide your dog with my full attention and affection giving them the extra companionship until you return home.

For a long time I was unhappy working random jobs I felt  stuck in and unfulfilled I wanted to do something that I loved and had a true passion for. I knew immediately what it was, animals! Since I was a little girl I've always been an animal lover, so I knew in my heart that starting a dog sitting business was the perfect fit for me. Although Good Karma Dog Care was created in 2016 I have serval years of past experience caring for others dogs and raising my own. Since I've started Good Karma I wake up feeling blessed I have been given the opportunity to create a job that makes every day a new adventure. I feel lucky that I’m able to make a living centered on my passion.

I have put my heart and soul into creating an extraordinary pet care service that gives pet owners peace of mind that their pets are being well-cared for in their absence.